Where and What

We run every last Saturday of the month. Meet at MEGLEREN Pub in Kristiansand at
16:00 (4pm). The runs are located in or surondig areas of Kristiansand (SH4 city).
Transport to the run site (A-Site) is provided by the hare.

Wear running shoes and bring clothes for the pub crawl after the ON ON.
The run is 5 8 K. And always with 2 beer stops. After the run there is hot food
and free beer, followed by a circle with lots of down down and cold ice.
More free beer, before we change clothes and hit the pubs in town really hard.

ScandiHooligan way of hashing are deeply influenced by the fact that the GM and
founder was raised and trained by the three Hash chapters of Pattay,Thailand,
PDH3,PH3,PFH3. We consider our self as a DRINKING CLUB WITH NO PROBLEM.

Come join us for a good funny drunk time.