ARE YOU : A call for help a hound is not sure where he is, and likes to know if
someone Is lost with him. The normal reply is either CHECKING (he is lost too),
or ON ON when you are on the trail

CHECK : A cunning trap set by the hares to put innocent hounds of the trail.

CHECK BACK : On back to last known mark on the trail.

CHECKING : Looking for trail marks (flour, saw dust, spray paint) after a check.

CIRCLE : The reason for running. GM and RA hands out down down and ice to
everyone that deserve it, and lots of others. Always close to the beer stock.

DOWN DOWN : The act of consuming a full tankard of beer in one or less
actions/ moutfulls/gulps etc. To be asked to do a down down is a hash honor.
If you can not drink it ,wear it (over your head).

FALSE TRAIL : Designed to wear the FRBs out, so the rest of the pack
can get to the beer stop at the same time.

FRB : Front running bastard.
Have got the whole hashing idea wrong.

GRAND MASTER : GM: Supreme leader of a Hash chapter.

HARE : The Harrier who sets the run for the hounds to follow.

HASHIT : Awarded to hares for gigantic screw-up of a run.

HASHOHOLISM : Highly infectious condition, first reported inn South East Asia in the late 1930s.

HASH PISS : Organizes the beer, most important.

H3 ,HHH : Hash House Harriers.

HOUND : Hasher, Harrier, Harriet

LOST HARRIER : Not actually lost, one who takes a bit longer than average
to get to the beer.

MOM : Master of music

RELIGIOUS ADVISER : RA is responsible for the moral tone and take care of
the sinners so they will be guided in the right direction.

RULE 6 : No poofters.

SCB : Short Cutting Bastard, figure out your self